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:: Contact us to advertise your product or service on this site or the software application


GMPBasic calendar to plan all your livestock and other animal management actions

  :: Involve your consultants too by using the livestock software system


Microchip and manage your animals on GMPBasic

GMPBasic calender to plan management actions of your animals:

         small stock
         birds etc.

Set reminder actions e.g.

  • Flush feeding
  • Pregnancy testing
  • Treatment reminders
  • Animals for sale
  • Regular program updates
  • Update & store your backups on the SERVER
  • and many more ......


Many products are listed in the GMPBasic desktop application for ease of use for the client

Should the product that you are selecting in the GMPBasic desktop application not have its pamphlet instructions nor its pack shot image displayed, please ask your vet pharmaceutical company to contact GMP Traceability


  :: Send your samples to the IDEXX Veterinary Laboratories