Firstly you need to have completed the OWNER SETUP details and LOCATION SETUP in the left toolbar ( Setup ) in GMP Basic. Now enter the DISPATCH LOCATION and enter the details of the new owner of the animals you intend to sell to.

Animals are selected from a paddock location

NEXT, you can CAPTURE ANIMAL DETAILS, once this 3rd step has been completed, then you may SELECT the animal in the TRANSACTION ( DISPATCH-external ) section.

In dispatch select the animal type to which these animals belong e.g. cattle. This will display all the animals visible in that specific default dispatch location.

Complete the details, who, where the animal is being transferred ( DISPATCHED ) to. Now, transfer the animal. Once you have completed this, complete with the "replicate to central database" this is found in the ADMINISTRATION section of the software. You will NO LONGER be able to use this animal’s info as it is now the property of the new RECIPIENT !!!

This forwards the ID tag's unique identification and details relating to the animal records electronically to the next farmer, auctioneer, feedlot or abattoir. The next owner will be notified by e-mail. The process will change the status on the GMPBasic™ Animal Health Central Data base, to record the next location details.

Checking Animals for Dispatch

Cattle, sheep, goats, pigs, ostriches, horses, dogs, cats, wildlife, birds etc.

In dispatch select the animal type to which these animals belong e.g. cattle. This will display all the animals visible in that specific default dispatch location.

The system allows for DEFAULT Locations to be changed in Owner Locations in the SETUP menu function.



Dispatched animals list with its specific dispatch code

Import Animals

The reference no. for animals to be Imported from a supplier is copied from the e-mail into this box. Upon completion the import function is completed through the internet from the central database.











Data Security

The dispatch function is used to move animals from one location to another. Two categories of dispatch can be done: Internal & external

Internal dispatches occur from one group of animals to another. The system keeps record of the numbers and the dates from where to where to.
Dispatches may also be done according to weight categories.

Internal dispatches to breeding groups are also conducted from here.


Internal dispatch functions:


External dispatches are conducted when animals are either sold or moved to a destination away from the place of normal keep.

The system produces a dispatch notification via e-mail to the next owner / destination. Connect to the internet and via the GMPBasic software synchronise with the GMP central data base. This will send the e-mail to both yourself and the next location owner / keeper.

A paper print out is generated for the driver of the vehicle which is used for movement control purposes. This paper print out acts as proof of ownership or of authorised animal haulage on behalf of the previous and current owner.

The new owner or next location can then IMPORT the animals to that specific site and into its GMPBasic software management system.

These actions when done via send & receive actions through an internet connection, automatically record the movements on the central data base for bio-security and movement control purposes.

All recorded information e.g. birth, weight, breeding, treatment etc. accompany the animal's records to the next electronic import site of GMPBasic

An example of a GMPBasic dispatch form (Internal & External)


The form also has 2 more pages at the end. These are for the transporter and the receiving destination e.g. Auction, Feedlot, Abattoir.

The individual tag number per animal, the animal type, the breed, the last known weight and the total number of animals sent is available on this form.

The form may be printed, completed, signed and handed to the driver of the vehicle.

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Article 6 & 8 forms for the SAPS livestock movement control forms to combat livestock theft are included in the system for your convenience. Print them, fill in the details and attach the GMPBasic Dispatch form with the relevant UNIQUE animal numbers.

When the driver of the vehicle is stopped by the police, you are able to prove ownership or transportation authorisation for the relevant animals.


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