IDEXX Lab - test result automation process with GMPBasic

An absolute first for farmers and veterinarians:




Veterinarians are invited to make use of this specific free service (terms and conditions apply).
Become familiar with the GMPBasic software.

Tag and register all the animals to be tested.
Use the ID tag distributed by MSD Animal Health.

The ID tags are the only authorised and functional tags that may be used in the software program.

Mark each test tube with the blood collection form's relevant matching number.
Capture each animal's unique Human Readable (HR) ear tag number against the test tube number.
Submit your test tube collection samples to IDEXX laboratories:

          Johannesburg Laboratory: (011) 803 3001 / 2 / 3
          Pretoria Laboratory: (012) 529 8345 / 6
          Cape Town Laboratory: (021) 671 5140 / 6
          Port Elizabeth: (041) 365 1649



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Results will first be released to the consulting veterinarian.

Kontak asseblief gerus vir Rachelle van GMP Naspeurbaarheid by:


Support and enquiries  

Cell +27 83 630 7181

Quality is possible through GMPTAGS

Results will first be released to the consulting veterinarian
72 hours later, the results will be posted to the central web server.

Any registration, animal dispatch or synchronization to the central data base will automatically "PAIR" the relevant test results from IDEXX laboratories to the animal's unique number in the farmers GMPBasic profile.

The test results remain available for the life of the animal to the "NEXT LOCATION"
e-dispatch moves all the captured data from one owner to the next owner's software.

Contact your local MSD Animal Health sales person OR IDEXX laboratory for more information





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