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Puppies and Dogs

GMP software management for your dog breeding operation

Kittens and Puppies

Take a pretty photo of your kitten and puppy and place it in its GMPBasic records

Then 'upload' this data from your computer program to the GMP central data base.

With a user licence, view your animals details, show it to your friends, your vet, the kennel owner, the judges at the show etc.

GMPBasic - the animal management software - cats, dogs, horses, birds, cattle, sheep, goats, ostriches, pigs, wildlife, reptiles, exotics - Remote support is possible

A GSD guard dog

Mating and breeding records may be recorded, the births of their pups and the dates thereof may be recorded into the system.


GMPBasic Software download

GMPBasic Features: 

  • Animal - unique ID

  • Animal OWNERSHIP

  • Animal HEALTH

  • Public HEALTH

  • Animal MOVEMENT

  • Calendar Planner

  • Consultants

  • Domestic TRADE

  • International TRADE

  • Exhibitions / COMPETITIONS

  • Animal QUALITY

  • Bio Security

  • Animal  or product TRACEABILITY

  • Controlled / Notifiable diseases

  • Erosion Diseases

  • The next generation Livestock management benchmark

  • State Veterinary Offices involvement

  • Owner compliance, certification, accountability

  • PRECISION planning, management




Microchip Implant

Microchip implants are used in conjunction with a variety of identifiers in the GMPBasic animal management and traceability software system

                     Microchip Implant                           

Microchip implant & RFID stick reader    
RFID stick readers for reading the MICROCHIP implants to your GMPBasic software system





The GMP HR ID Codes for Microchip management can be purchased and linked to the animal's records from as early as on the day of birth and be entered (registered) in the GMPBasic animal system.

The Codes are registered for: 

  • practicality

  • accessibility

  • cost effectiveness purposes

The unique individual numbers are issued from the central database. Find out more regarding this new worldwide benchmark in animal trade and management. Start using the GMPBasic system, TODAY !!! support@gmpbasic.co.za



Verify your animal on-line






IDEXX Vet Laboratories

Each animal's DNA can be collected & determined.

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