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Quick Details

Latest Software Version

Date Published: 2014/09/14

 Language: English

*Download size depends on selected download components.

System Requirements

Supported Operating Systems:  Windows 2000; Windows 2000/3 Server; Windows XP

Processor:  1 GIG MHz (P III) +

Hard Disk:  Choose a disk drive with a minimum of 5G of free space

Ram:  1 Gig +



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The following needs to be installed on your computer before installing GMPBasic ™. These pre-requisites are all free downloads. You can verify whether they are installed by:


1. Click Start on your taskbar

2. Select Control Panel from the menu

3. Click Add/Remove Programs

4. If any of the below applications are installed on your computer they will be listed here; if not please download and install the below applications.

Should your internet connection be too slow, contact support and purchase your very affordable CD / memory stick for installation.

Installation Guide  
(Terms & Conditions apply for program & Tags usage)

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Windows drivers and sequel database platforms for GMPBasic software



Step 1.   Download software

.Net Framework 3.5
(XP, Vista, Windows 7)

.Net Framework 4
(Vista, Windows 7 & 8)



Step 2.    Download software

Windows XP / Seven

Microsoft SQL 2005 Express SP4 - 32 bit & 64 bit operating systems (54.7MB)


Windows Vista, Seven, Eight

Microsoft SQL 2008 R2 Express SP2 - 32 bit operating systems (108MB)


Microsoft SQL 2008 R2 Express SP2 - 64 bit operating systems (122MB)

(Once you have installed thses links, select the "Download" option in step 3 below)


Step 3.    Download software

GMPBasic Program Download

GMPBasic Click Once Full version



For assistance, contact:

083 630 7181

083 643 5456

(If you are a new user you will need to download Step 1- Step 3)

(Select Save when prompted and save the download file to your computer)
Thereafter, extract and open / run the setup file




Download GMPBasic software

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When you select the desktop ICON of GMPBasic you will need to complete the first time registration. Previous users do not do this process again. Once the registration pages have been completed, close the registration pages. Open the desktop ICON again. Now you will be prompted to enter the 4 Section Activation Key.

Users who have internet connection should select the MANAGEMENT option, then click on Renew GMPBasic license option. Enter your user name and password. Follow through to the next option. Select the
no1. internet license renewal option. Please be patient this takes a few minutes. When the license renewal is successful, close all the options. Restart your DESKTOP GMPBasic icon, enter your user name and password.
You should now be able to start with GMPBasic. Read through the help file or contact support for SETUP etc. guidelinse.
If your GMPBasic system does not want to run, contact GMP to setup a support session. These session may require an assistance fee to be paid for remote assistance.

Update installations do not need STEPS 1-2 to be repeated.

Regular program improvements & updates are done to the program.
Ensure that you are on our mailing list to be notified of updates.

GMP support - Please supply details how to purchase installation CD

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Application for DOWNLOAD

Kindly ensure that if your computer is part of a small business or large corporate, government or other computer network that your network allows you to download the software. Many businesses have FIREWALL protocols in place that block or prevent complete download.
If you are uncertain how to install the application please read our print friendly step-by-step manual

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Should your download action via INTERNET take too long then the following option below would probably suit you better.

A CD / memory stick version which installs very quickly is available on purchase from GMP support
The CD / memory stick is obtainable at a cost of R195.00 ( Vat & postage excluded ) for South Africa, Lesotho, Swaziland, Botswana, Zimbabwe, Namibia ( Namibian farmers who are authorised to export to South Africa )

Interested people from other countries in the world, are welcome to enquire for further information


GMP support

Support and enquiries

Cell +27 83 630 7181

Installation Guide - PDF



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