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Welcome to the Download page to install the GMPBasic software system.

GMPBasic Cloud Download

The GMPBasic software is a very comprehensive system which allows the users to work 'off-line' on their desktop application.
In the course of your data capture and management you will be collecting a lot of data. Data has the ability to grow and for this purpose the powerful Windows SQL 2008 R2 Express version is currently the base of the system.

Once you have installed all the components you will periodically experience some upgrade or error fixes, sometimes expressed as 'bug fixes by IT people'. The GMP traceability is an evolving system which is increasing and improving with functionality features and user benefits.

Users who have good uninterrupted internet connection will be able to download the three components required to support their system.

There are two types of user categories:

   1. ------------  Download software

First time users who need to setup ALL the components.

   2. ------------  Download software

Current and Previous users who do not need to re-install all the components as these will in all likelyhood still be in your program files.




Download GMPBasic software

The new generation GMPBasic and GMPTag Manager  desktop application is a major advancement to provide users the best possible experience between a desktop application and cloud computing where you have to have uninterrupted internet connectivity to be able to function.

In the development, growth and roll-out of the GMP Traceability system this structure affords GMP the best possible solution to service its clients.

Should your download action via INTERNET take too long then the following option below would probably suit you better.

A CD / memory stick version which installs very quickly is available on purchase from GMP support
The CD / memory stick is obtainable at a cost of R195.00 ( Vat & postage excluded ) for South Africa, Lesotho, Swaziland, Botswana, Zimbabwe, Namibia (Namibian farmers who are authorised to export to South Africa) T&C =

Interested people from other countries in the world, are welcome to enquire for further information.

Allow us to assist you with your growth on the GMP system.

There is an annual support fee which is used to develop and enhance the program. It also allows for remote internet assistance when required from users.


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** GMP support - Please supply details how to purchase installation CD & Annual support fee

Ensure that you have made a backup after each working session to the server and your local machine