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ARC (Agricultural Research Centre)


The ARC (Agricultural Research Council) , DNA section, undertook a pilot project with State Veterinary Offices of Gauteng, MSD Animal Health  and GMPBasic.

A farmer in the Hammanskraal region was identified, consulted and the project implemented.


1. Mrs. Dorah Matlou's details were captured to her PROFILE on the GMPBasic software system.

2. Mrs Matlou's animals were all processed with the following procedures, actions:

a. ID Tag applied

The Blue tag (open-ended, re-usable, no permanent or visual unique number)


the ID Tag (yellow) on the right hand side(left ear). The tag is non re-usable, TAMPER EVIDENT, with a UNIQUE human / machine readable number and code.

This is linked to the GMPBasic CENTRAL DATA BASE to which certain of the State Veterinary Departments are already starting to upload NOTIFIABLE disease results for their clients.


b. LIDCAT samples from the tail hairs (including the hair and follicle material) were plucked from each individual animal.


c. The State Vet. dept. collected blood samples for Brucellosis testing. This was conducted by Mr. Ali Masipa (AHT= animal health Technician) 


d. Each LIDCAT sample was recorded correctly on the data form. Each bag was sealed with a tamper evident sticker included in the collection kit


e. The unique ID Tag number of each animal was also recorded onto each of the two sections of the paired LIDCAT kit.


f. These duplicate sets per animal are then SENT to the ARC, Irene offices in Pretoria. The LIDCAT samples are registered and placed into safe keeping in seperate LIDCAT storage facilities.


g. DID YOU KNOW that your animals can be identified for cases involving:

- Stock theft cases

- Parentage determination

- Inbreeding determination


h. Each animal was also vaccinated against a range of infectious diseases.


i. Animal weight recording utilising the Bovine / Pig tape measure was conducted. These approx. weights were utilised to have a basic idea of the animals live mass & logged against each animal. WEIGHT recording and analysis is very important to evaluate growth, readiness for mating, weaner selection etc.


j. The TEAM that were present on the day

Your livestock are now on this growing Livestock database.


k. Mrs Dorah Matlou, showing that her cell phone has a signal. Hence, the data could also be uploaded successfully via a 3 G card connection from the laptop application to the CENTRAL DATA BASE !!!


For further information regarding the LIDCAT procedures contact:

ARC Project Page



For details regarding the ID Tags and GMPBasic system use the above contact information.


Health Product Review:

Would you like to know what we think of a registered health product ?

Would you like to receive advice regarding the best suited product for your herd in our opinion ?

Conatct us, provide us with certain information and we will be able to guide you.

Implement our system and we will be able to assist you with the above mentioned product advice services







ID Tag, LIDCAT (DNA material) collection and other procedures conducted on the day.

Recording the data onto the GMPBasic livestock computer program

Good head movement constraint through a well constructed neck clamp. This enables quality work at a high speed. It also minimises stress to the animals, injury to the handlers.

Blood samples, DNA, product vaccination for disease control ALL applied in a few short actions. When captured in the field, accuracy is increased, less admin time is wasted back at the office again !

Cattle tail hair with root material on the hair which will allow decent DNA test results when required.

Animal weighing, vaccination under a well constructed mobile head clamp, crush / race system.

The members of the specific pilot project that was conducted in the field

Mrs Dorah Matlou, showing that her cell phone has a signal. Hence, the data could also be uploaded successfully via a 3 G card connection from the laptop application to the CENTRAL DATA BASE !!!


To place your order for your LIDCAT sample kit, contact :

Rachelle - 083 630 7181



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