Rural Veterinarians (LHPG)

Did you know:

  • The program is also for use by your veterinarian

  • If you don't have internet. your vet can assist you

  • A backup function exists whereby to transport your data

  • The data can be installed to another PC or laptop

  • A practice may admin your PROFILE with your permission

  • Your vet's reception staff can do admin on your behalf

  • Test results can be entered by your vet on your account

  • What livestock diseases may be recorded on your behalf:

  • - Brucella bovis tests and result recording in GMPBasic

  • - Brucella ovis test results and recording in GMPBasic

  • - Bovine tuberculosis tests results and recording in GMP

  • - Bovine Virus Diarrhea (Persistently Infected animals)

  • - Johne's disease

  • PD (pregnancy diagnosis) for reproductive analysis

  • Bull fertility tests and result recording into GMPBasic

  • Ram and Bull sheath washes for venereal diseases

Check that your veterinarian is a registered veterinarian at the South African Veterinary Council:


For more Information about the service regarding veterinarians who want to start using the GMPBasic software please contact the relevant person below.

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Animals should be weighed regularly, tested for diseases


Record pregnancy status into the system for reproductive performance analysis


Restraining the cow in this manner allows for accurate work


The system can physically be operated from your vehicle bonnet

The tags are uniquely numbered, tamper evident and non re-usable thus enhancing certification and verification of animal and its data.    

The ear tag can be identified visually or via a suitable reader. Tag may become very dirty and may be wiped clean with a soapy sponge or cloth. The numbers do not fade that easily.