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 Why use the GMPBasic traceability system ?

Horse management

The world is becoming increasingly aware of unique animal identification. This is in a world with more legal challenges from clients, people in contact with animals and the public in general.

Through using the 'GMP' system, you will be linking into our central World Animal Database.

This means that your animals domestic or 'licensed' wild animals will be 'TRACEABLE', auditable, verifiable.

 What does this traceability mean ?

IDEXX Vet Laboratories

Each animal in your possesion or ownership should
be UNIQUELY identified. Each animal can be verified, identified by one of a variety of 'identifiers' which can
be linked back to your specific animal.

There are various identifiers & tools available in
the market place:-

a. DNA
b. Photos
c. Visual, non re-usable plastic tags, metal tags
d. Visual, non re-usables. Microchip implants

In the GMP system, many kinds of markers are utilised.

The GMP system uses a unique, patented coding
structure for issuing its ANCHOR numbers for

 - Livestock,
 - Birds,
 - Companion animals, 
 - Wildlife
 - Exotic' animals.


Horse race

Horse racing at Arlington Park, 2007

Take a few photos of your horse, left, right, front, behind,
head and feet and place it in its GMPBasic® records

Then 'upload' this data from your GMP computer program
to the GMP central data base.

With a user licence, view your animals details, show it to your friends, your vet, the race track authorities, the horse
auctioneer, other horse owners, the judges at the show etc.

The Legendary horse "Eclipse"

Eclipse legendary undefeated British racehorse

Hong Kong Race Track

Happy Valley Racecourse in Hong Kong at night

Endurance horse race

Endurance horse - Photography by Peter Orr


GMPBasic ® - the animal management software - cats, dogs, horses, birds, cattle, sheep, goats, ostriches, pigs, wildlife, reptiles, exotics - Remote support is possible



Brood Mare

Enter the records of a brood mare bred to a relevant stallion, the offspring and their birth dates in order to keep track of the foals born from them.

You may even record a stallion and a group of breeding mares


GMPBasic ® Features: 

  • Animal HEALTH

  • Public HEALTH

  • Animal MOVEMENT

  • Calendar Planner

  • Consultants

  • Domestic TRADE

  • International TRADE

  • Exhibitions / COMPETITIONS

  • Animal QUALITY

  • Bio Security

  • Animal  or product TRACEABILITY

  • Controlled / Notifiable diseases

  • Erosion Diseases

  • The next generation Animal management benchmark

  • State Veterinary Offices involvement

  • Owner compliance, certification, accountability

  • PRECISION planning, management


Verify your animal on-line




 - Software Features -

Register as a user, set up your details
Register your property location.

Register each HORSE with its MICROCHIP implant.

     Microchip Implant                     

     Microchip           &         RFID stick readers

Let your veterinarian take a DNA sample and verify the process

RFID stick readers or small handheld scanners for reading the MICROCHIP implants to your GMPBasic ® software system


A RFID hand reader and a stick reader to read MICROCHIP numbers which may be incorporated into the GMPBasic ® software system.

Mikroskyfie skandeerder (RFID leser)

Example of a handheld microchip reader
Ensure that the reader can read 'ALL' microchips
or that the microchips are readable by 'ALL' readers


Microchip implants are used in conjunction with a variety of identifiers in the GMPBasic® animal management and traceability software system


Register the animal details.
Register the medical treatments applied


Register routine procedures applied e.g. Vaccinations, de-worming, dipping etc.


Register status of animal e.g. active, quarantine, dead, sold etc


Birth Status - Link mare and stallion breeding records
Dam / Sire status


Horse details & movement details
ADG - Birth to weaning - Weights entered


Change of ownership (change of location)


Notifiable diseases record or EROSION disease notification to potential new owner ( horse breeders, horse owner, show grounds, race track, stables, veterinary services department )


Veterinarians can enter their horse test results e.g. Horse sickness, Equine Influenza, Equine Herpes virus, Dourine, DNA, to the benefit of all horse owners or keepers who will be able to insist on the animal’s latest health screening tests conducted prior to purchase.


License structure:
The GMPBasic® software has a variety of licence structures.
This is to accommodate the various animal groups.

Horse breeders, keepers and owners
The users download or purchase a DVD containing the software.

Once they have installed the software on their computer they purchase an ACTIVATION key from GMP to access the MICROCHIP section.

A UNIQUE computer code for each animal is also purchased once -off and is issued from the central data base for :

    -Reptiles etc.

Costs of the software license until further notice :

Annual Activation Key = R250.00 (Vat excl.)
Once off - Individual animal GMP HR code = R20.00 (Vat excl.)
The program and system features are continually on the improvement. Your feedback and positive comments will be appreciated.



The GMP HR ID Codes for Microchip management can be purchased and linked to the animal's records from as early as on the day of birth and be entered (registered) in the GMPBasic ® animal system.

Play your important part in combating illegal trade in birds, wildlife, domestic and other animal trade - World wide

Microchip Implant into a horse

This insertion of a microchip is deemed a surgical procedure. For record purposes required by breeder associations, sporting associations, jokey club rules and veterinary rules such a procedure may only be done by a qualified veterinarian for record purposes.


The GMP HR ID Codes for Microchip management are registered for use in the GMPBasic ® central database's software for:

  • practicality
  • accessibility
  • cost effectiveness purposes

The unique individual numbers are issued from the central database. Find out more regarding this new worldwide benchmark in animal trade and management. Start using the GMPBasic ® system, TODAY !!!



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