GMP Traceability related articles in Afrikaans and English

Dear visitor we have included various articles published in magazines or newsletters aimed for the livestock, wildlife, companion animals, birds, exotics and the ostrich sector.

The purpose of the articles is to provide necessary information to the reader regarding animal identification, management and traceability principles in the GMPBasic software that have been researched and developed since 2005.

GMP management have done intensive research, development and on-farm testing to provide a system to the user that does not only provide important traceability information for state veterinary departments, statistics, law enforcement, livestock anti-theft agencies, producers, veterinarians and other related and authorised organisations. The system also assists the users in their day-to-day animal management, disease monitoring, disease control, prevention campaigns and social responsibility needs.

We have published a number of links to articles available. Should you have relevant articles related to value add of GMP to the livestock owners, producers, organisations, AHT's, state and private veterinarians, laboratory technicians and other Paraveterinary colleagues please forward to us for review and if material is relevant we will gladly publish it with certain T&C's included and legal notifications.

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1. GMP Eartag Merit

2. Brucellosis

2.a Annual Brucellosis testing

3. Calendar

4. Sheep reproduction

5. Register Newborn

6. Uitvoer Rekords

7. Gesondheids verklaring

8. Pro-aktiewe kuddebestuur

9. Bestuur risikos

10. Inenting bestuursprogram

11. Rekordhouding

12. Groei met GMP

13. Registreer Kalf, Lam, wildsbok en andere in GMPBasic

14. Kopseer uit vee tel

15. Data integriteit

16. Data integrity

17. Kalender Waghond

18. Manage Trichomonas GMP Style



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