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The GMPBasic system has reached the next level of deployment. Animals are managed in two main categories:


 1.  Visual GMP no. + DNA

 2.  Visual GMP no. + DNA / + EID tags


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GMP software "linked" visual ID Tags

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View Three different ID & management
 options for GMPBasic

GMP ID Tag Option 1

GMP ID Tag Option 2

GMP ID Tag Option 3

View Three different ID and
management option for GMPBasic



RFID stick and panel readers for reading the
EID buttons in the GMPBasic software system

    Cow Sheep Goat Ostrich Pig


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Tagged CattleBrahman CattleGoatsKidsSheep - DorpersOstrich ID

Manage your livestock, e.g. cattle, sheep, goats, pigs and ostriches in GMPBasic.

Apply a GMP Tag plus a EID identification plus the DNA samples of each animal on the central database.
The system accommodates all the above animal types in one software package.

The system for livestock farmers, companion animal breeders, game farmers, military or security organisations, endangered animals, pro-cites bird and exotic animal breeders and owners.



GMP software "linked" visual ID Tags.
2 D Barcode scanner
- to scan ID Tag code into GMPBasic


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Left above:
EID ear tags that are combined with the GMP ID Tag

Middle above:
RFID stick reader in a carry case

Right above:
RFID  fixed panel readers for mounting alongside crush or race