Weigh your animals

Did you know:

  • The GMPBasic program has a weight recording function

  • Manual - operator types weight readings into the software

  • OR electronic weight capture (plug and play with

  • ADAM scale

  • Rudd scales

  • Tru - Test scale 3000

These are three scale models that have been programmed into the GMPBasic to add value for livestock farmers that are starting to use the GMPBasic management system.

  • Tru - Test scale 3000

Weigh your cattle

The screen shot sample above has a number of features:

1. The weight is displayed in a line chart ( left )
    This chart can be saved, printed, "zoomed" in or out
2. The digital display of weight recordings is visible ( right )
3. The ADG ( Average daily gains ) is also visible on the right
4. All the data in the right columns are exportable in either
    PDF format, in this manner you are able to use the info in a multitude of ways


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Ensure that you have a quality scale crate


The best option is a crate with a neck clamp


Restraining the cow in this manner allows for accurate work


The system can physically be operated from your vehicle bonnet


The ear tag can be identified visually or via a suitable reader. Tag may become very dirty and may be wiped clean with a soapy sponge or cloth. The numbers do not fade that easily from.



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