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Ostrich Pilot, April 2007          (PAGE 1)

During early 2007 an MSD Animal Health veterinarian & the veterinary scientists from the KKI implemented an Ostrich pilot project on behalf of GMPBasic Traceability.

GMPBasic traceability management in 2006 already anticipated a MAJOR challenge that would be placed at the door of the South African ostrich business.

Anticipating this change / shift in world requirements, the team went to work.

With the assistance of the owner from the farm Stolsvlakte, these birds were the first to be incorporated into the ID Tags & GMPBasic pilot site in South Africa. This ostrich farm is approx 10 km from the town of Oudtshoorn. The Ostrich MECCA of the world !

Handlers busy contemplating strategy

63 young ostriches were tagged with the SMALL ID Tags (GMPTAGS).
The owner detail, location and individual birds were recorded onto the system.


There were a number of objectives to be achieved:

1. Register the owner / farm on the system

2. Register and record the individual birds, uniquely to the desktop system and the central data base.

3. Weight records of the animals as a normal farm management procedure for growth evaluation. In this various factors could be evaluated; quality of birds, feed performance, farm management and of course disease impact.

4. Treatment records of individual birds to be kept

5. Serology test collection and results to be kept of each individual bird.

6. Movement and Dispatch records to be kept of each individual bird.


The birds were weighed at tagging, blood was collected by Dr Adriaan Olivier, a consulting veterinarian from KKK. The routine blood collection is to screen the birds to see if their NCD (New Castle Disease) vaccinations have prompted a good immune response.                           


This test also has the ability to identify any birds that may have become naturally infected with NCD.

And don't forget the DREADED Avian Influenza (Bird Flu)

The scale being calibrated with the additional weights of the SPECIFIC handlers who were to control the birds on the scale platform.

A variety of electronic livestock scales have already been calibrated to facilitate "Plug n play" functionality for the users of the GMPBasic  software.





 In order to comply to EU import standards, 2 NB series of tests have to be conducted.

1. Serological tests from individually marked birds for NCD / AVIAN INFLUENZA disease. All tests must be negative for this meat product to be exported.


2. Residue tests from individually identified birds at an EU approved abattoir may be linked into this system quite quickly . These tests are conducted for any signs of medication or supplementations that may have been administered to the birds.

Likewise, residue for illegal substances is also conducted. Birds / batches from producers that test positive for these "illegal" actives are a potential threat to the whole OSTRICH meat and hides export market.

A market currently estimated in excess of
R 2 billion a year !!!!


GMPBasic capabilities:


The GMPBasic traceability system would be able to link the ostrich sector into the whole livestock sector.

This leaves no sector marginalised and provides the necessary tool for the State Veterinary Offices to "monitor" and help protect this and other sector of our South African export market.

In addition the system also can assist the DAFF (State veterinary Services) to implement and monitor other disease movement control projects such as FMD.

Sheep wool exports is the other sector for which the system is already structured to assist in terms of export requirements.

The system has the capabilities to "manage" all the results of the bird tests.

Tese tests / results would then be accessible for the EU inspection authorities through authorised user licenses set up through the GMPBasic traceability system, South African State Veterinary Services (DAFF) and the SAOBC.

  • This system is already being utilised by various other State Veterinary departments in South Africa.

  • The South African Ostrich industry is increasingly coming under the spotlight of the EU officials.
    It is one of the reasons why implementing the GMPBasic traceability system would make good business sense.
    The features of the ID Tags & GMPBasic system would be a good choice to assist the South African Ostrich farmer and organisation to maintain its export market status.

    The additional support possible could provide the additional "certification levels" the Ostrich Industry needs to protect its market opportunities in the EU export market.

  • The ostrich farmers & all the relevant roleplayers need merely to see and appreciate all that the GMPTAGS & GMPBasic traceability system can do for their business.

  • The performance or "slow / late"   performance of the "authorised" bodies that are responsible for the SEROLOGICAL tests seem to be one of the major reasons of concern.

    This apparently became evident during the EU inspection conducted during the visit in 2008.

  • The GMPBasic (with the ID Tags) system together with for e.g. the well organized IDEXX Veterinary testing laboratories have a very workable solution.

    This can also be implemented very easily and quickly for the ostrich sector / SA Veterinary authorities / EU inspection body.

    Hereby the system can be structured as to assist BOTH sectors of the ostrich business in certain record keeping abilities


Become part of the traceability and management system, stay abreast of your competitors world-wide.

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