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Cattle need to be handled in a well constructed crush (race)

Animals should be kept calm in the holding pens. The animals should not be overcrowded.

A cattle crush for adult cattle should not exceed an internal width of 70cm. Exceeding this results in cattle being able to turn around. This often leads to cattle falling, which may result in injuries and sometimes even deaths possibly resulting from this.

Unique individual identification is very important for accurate record keeping and financial control.

In livestock farming it is critical to have groups of uniform female animals. Heifers should be of uniform weight and age in order to increase reproduction efficacy, nutritional and medicinal management.


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  • Register as a user, setup your details
  • Register each animal with its tag (MSD Animal Health ID tag for livestock)
  • Register the animal details
  • Register the medical treatments applied
  • Register routine procedures applied eg. Vaccinations, de-worming, dipping etc.
  • Weigh animals, monitor ADG
    (ave. daily gain)
  • Register status of animal e.g. active, quarantine, dead, sold etc
  • Change of ownership
    (change of location)
    DISPATCH, send animal details electronically to new (byuer) owner
  • Notifiable diseases record or EROSION disease notification to potential new owner ( farmer, feedlot, abattoir, meat processor = human food chain safety protocols )
  • Veterinarians can enter their client’s livestock test results eg. TB, CA or Trichomonas etc on line to the benefit of all livestock producers who will be able to insist on the animal’s latest health screening tests conducted prior to purchase.
  • Assists livestock auctioneers in providing real, live info to their prospective clients on the day.
  • Adds value through providing animal health records for new prospective buyer.
  • Animal change of ownership can be concluded at the auction premises.
  • LIVE UPDATE of all data can be done via internet and should be done as regularly as possible.
  • Annual animal health program cost projections can be done at a service fee available from GMPTags.




CA testing of Cattle herds 


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