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Microchip Implant  - Photo source 'You tube'

 Microchip implants are used in conjunction with a variety of identifiers in the GMPBasic animal management and traceability software system

Feline Microchip Implant

Mikroskyfie in n kat
                   (X-straal foto van n kat - Wikipedia)

Mikroskyfie skandeerder (RFID leser)

Exaple of a hand held RFID reader for microchip scanning

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Microchip devices

Microchips are passive electronic identification devices (EID). These chips come in a variety of presentations such as glass, silicone or plastic coated subcutaneous microchip implants.s

Accuracy, even in the harshest conditions

Microchips are an additional method of identification such as photos, DNA profiling are. The microchip has both advantages & disadvantages:

- Costly
- Need surgical cleanliness with implantation
- Are not visible to the eye
- Need expensive RFID reader equipment
- May migrate (move under the skin)
- May become inactive, no number detectable with RFID


Additional benefits:

- Accurate data capturing in the harshest conditions.
- Improve unique identification
- Do not become dislodged as external tags may
- May be incorporated in management software

- Can be applied to all animal species

The program which works for you and provides you with value !!


The GMPBasic system is currently simply far ahead of any similair available programs.


We believe that in the future all livestock will be managed on the  GMPBasic management system.




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