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GMPTAGS for Sheep / Goat / Pigs / Ostriches Tamper Evident animal ear tag



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MSD ID Tags (Small)
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Sheep / Goat / Pig / Ostrich
Tamper evident animal ear tags

The latest leading edge technology, laser marking is etched into the tag and becomes part of the tag.

Laser marking is 40 times more durable than hot foil stamping and is guaranteed for five years.

New laser marking allows more flexibility in your marking options, ie. Barcodes, logos etc.

Laser marking is the default marking for all types of tags. Management of livestock ( patent pending )

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The unique bar code is linked to the Animal health data base. This machine readable code can be scanned in onto the GMPBasic ™ software for registration purposes. This unique Identification number attached to the 2 Dimensional bar code cannot be duplicated.

The Human readable no: e.g. A01 1is linked to the unique bar code no. Linked to the Animal Health database and this number could be typed in on the GMPBasic ™ software to register this tag.

Once the tag is registered on the GMPBasic ™ software, and authenticated to the Animal Health data base. The Animals electronic pedigree paper starts. Animal treatment records can be recorded.



                Skaap ID   Bok oorplaatjies  Varke identifikasie  Volstruis identifikasie

Quality makes the difference!

GMPTAGS identification delivers in quality you can see, quality you can feel and quality you can count on.

The GMPTAGS Advantage is real value that good livestock managers demand.

Maintaining our edge requires a keen understanding of the issues and events that shape the past, present and future of the livestock industries.

GMPTAGS is a committed team in the livestock world and committed to programs and relationships that strengthen the entire food system chain.

GMP may use products from Allflex, Aleiss, Dalton, Trutest, Gallagher, Pratley or any other company that can supply products to the specifications of GMP's standards.



Info regarding theID Tags & GMPBasic software


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