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For five decades, Allflex has been leading the industry in livestock management systems that incorporate the latest design technologies, materials and manufacturing processes.

Utilising Allflex developed state of the art electronic order processing technology into the GMP state of the art desktop program software system:

Allflex consistently introduces new and improved products based on sound manufacturing and knowledge of real-world product demands

Allflex philosophy embraces innovation - providing customers a clear advantage today and tomorrow.

Allflex is a global leader in livestock identification accessories

Allflex identification delivers in quality you can see, quality you can feel and quality you can count on.

The Allflex Advantage is real value that good livestock managers demand and that they can use in the GMP system

Maintaining our edge requires a keen understanding of the issues and events that shape the past, present and future of the livestock industries and working with associates such as GMP

Allflex is a veteran in the livestock world and committed to programs and relationships that strengthen the entire food system chain such as with systems as GMP

The Allflex visual and EID ear tags are incorporated into the GMPBasic livestock management software system.





Allflex EID buttons are distributed in South Afrca by GMP


Training can be conducted on how to use the system.
Costing for such training sessions can be provided upon request and receiving your needs analysis feedback

Support and enquiries - EID Tags 


Cell +27 83 630 7181


EID tags from GMP

Combo sets of Visual + EID from GMP

Import your Visual OR Visual + EID combo tags numbers

Training slot schedule - how to use the GMP system


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