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Tag your calf                     Calf Tagging info

Calf Tagging - order your tags on-line !!

The ear tags are available in sets of two; a female and a male tag.

The tags are applied using the Allflex Total Universal tagger.

We recommend that you apply the ID Tag size of your choice to the calf's left ear. The female button (tamper evident ) should be placed in the "front" ( same side where the ear opening is ). The male point should enter the ear cartilage from behind. See the package insert. This way the tags will remain in the ear for the longest possible period. This will also assist the farmer to read the correct number if two incorrect tag sets are applied. The male tag is always the "default number"

1. The database platform provides a unique number identification.

2. The GMPTAGS Patented ( marketed as ID Tags, by MSD Animal Health ) have the unique human readable number on each individual tag.
The male tag has the human readable and the 2 D bar code machine readable number on the back as the absolute verification / authentication.

3. The TAGS are of the best quality in the world

4. The unique laser marked number stays on 40 times longer than hot foil stamped numbers on the tags and have a very long life span: sufficient to last longer than the life of the animal that has been tagged.

5. The individual TAGS are NOT duplicated, i.e. Fraud proof. The tags are termed "TAMPER EVIDENT TAGS"

6. By using the *free GMPBasic ™ software which is downloadable from the Internet, your animals will IMMEDIATELY have a significantly increased AUDIENCE throughout the country.

The most successful, practical method of proof of ownership is to TAG the calf / lamb /kid / piglet / ostrich, within 30 days of birth. This tag is to remain with the animal for the duration of its life.

Hereby ensuring that complete treatment be recorded and be viable through the ownership and FOOD SAFETY CHAIN.

    Calf Tagging info      Calf Tagging - order your tags on-line !!

Each animal's DNA can be collected & determined.

False numbers will be flagged and identified and users entering incorrect data / tags will be notified of such errors.


   Calf Tagging info

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Calf Tagging info

Calf Tagging - order your tags on-line !!

In the GMPBasic ™ software program, the livestock owner has the opportunity to enter the details of newly born calves OR newly acquired OR purchased animals.

  • Animal Species

  • Breed

  • Gender

  • Source

  • Weight

  • ID Tag Number (Unique code)

  • Unique CODE, machine readable (Patented)

  • Unique CODE, Human readable (Patented)

  • Ear Tag and Livestock management System (Patented)


Calf Tagging info

Calf Tagging - order your tags on-line !!

Animals may be captured in BATCH mode, where less info is captured. This mode may be used to ENTER the unique code on the ID Tags eg. when you have purchased multiple tags eg 150 tags. This way you can enter these tags to speed up the capture process. The DETAIL of each animal may be entered at leisure later.  The animal's birth date must be entered on date of TAG  capture.

One can even use a book or note pad to capture other details and then upload this information to the system at a later more convenient stage.

Other OPTIONS in the GMPBasic ™ program are:

  • Medical Treatments

  • Medical products

  • Medical history

  • Dispatch to new "owner"

  • Import from other venue

  • Manage animal details

  • Change Animal Status

  • Notifiable / Erosion diseases

  • Upload to Animal Health Data Base

Calf Tagging info


Calf Tagging - order your tags on-line !!