MSD Animal Health participation in the Farm to Abattoir value chain benefits for farmers:

MSD Animal Health, previously known as Intervet Animal Health & Schering - Plough Animal Health, South Africa, have taken the lead and the initiative to be one of the distributors of the Good management protocol (GMPBasic ) supported animal identification ear tags in South Africa.

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To date, no uniform, centralized, system has been available as a platform for the Livestock sector ( Commercial and communal farmers ), State Veterinary Departments, Law enforcement Departments, auctioneers, feedlots, abattoirs, meat processing plants and the meat retail sector.

MSD Animal Health, South Africa believes that the introduction of this first in South Africa will have a huge impact in the animal health management through all sectors involved.

The ear tags are high quality products from a well known tag manufacturer, Allflex, Europe. The eartags with their numbering system allows for an affordable system versus RFID which currently is not an economically viable system for the average South African farmer, and many other role players in the livestock sector internationally.

The ear tags are available from participating Co-operatives, animal health shops and Veterinarians.


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Three types of visual identification tags are available and depending on sufficient demand from the livestock sector, more could be added.


The MSD sales team will assist you to place your order for tags. Software and hardware requirements may be acquired from GMP Traceability at  support@gmpbasic.co.za

For EID & RFID tag technology (Ear tags & readers) for livestock farmers, feedlots, abattoirs, contact  support@gmpbasic.c.za
Cell contact: 083 630 7181

Value add:
Animal health recordings wherein vaccinations, de-worming, dipping etc may be recorded will have the ability to assist livestock producers to ask for an extra premium for well managed and “healthy animals”.

Cost effective downloadable GMPBasic software on memory stick, will be available for purchase to use with the ID Tags from the participating outlets.

*The cost effective software is also available from the Internet.
Read the installation EULA for the terms and conditions of use.

 The software usage is for free. To use the system ID tags must be used to capture the animals data. The ID Tags distributed by MSD are functional on the system, each with it’s own unique number, will be available for sale at participating co-operatives, veterinary clinics and Government animal health sectors


For further information please contact MSD Animal Health at the following details

Local tel no : 0861 838 838


GMP Traceability: Support and enquiries  

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