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What hardware do you need to start ??

What hardware or software do I need ?

Overview : How to use your GMPBasic

The GMPBasic software combines the following procedures and in a similiar order :

Once you have installed the CD or internet download, you need to double click on the desk top ID tag icon


Owner detail registration

Owner location registration - where the animals are kept

At this point the program needs to be closed and re-opened.

You will now log in with your new USER NAME and PASSWORD.

Remember that you maintain the same USER name throughout so that your detail is not in different "unlinked" profiles.

PASSWORDS may be changed at a later stage.

Acquire your 16 DIGIT USER LICENSE key from GMP


Paddock / Group setup should be initiated as this assists with allocating and sorting the animals from the first moment when the eartag is captured

Dispatch location, the next person who is buying the animal from you should be setup

Suppliers who provide you with animals should now be added.

NB : no procedure can be done in the program UNTIL the initial animal REGISTRATION has been done !!

BEFORE any numbers, weights or procedures are done, lets have a brief view of the main menus available.

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Support and enquiries  

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PLEASE contact us for support !!

             SETUP 1 :


  • Owner detail registration
  • Owner locality registration
  • Dispatch location
  • Supplier location

  • Register animals  !!!
  • Dispatch animals
  • Change animal status
  • Weigh animals
  • Register progeny event
  • Provide treatment
  • Controlled/Notifiable/Erosion disease
  • Famacha

    REPORTS 3 :
  • Dispatch log
  • Create report
  • Medical Treatment Report

  • Manage animals
  • Replace tags
  • Medicines
  • Treatments
  • Treatment history
  • Reminders
  • Progeny records
  • Check for updates
  • Import dispatched animals
  • Replicate data to central data base
  • Create backup file
  • Printer settings
  • Change password

    HELP 5 :
  • Help
  • About


Traceability is only obtained through a system of records and certifications that allow a product to be traced back to
its origins



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