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(Terms & Conditions apply for program & Tags usage)


Once you have Un-installed the GMPBasic, you will be required to run the updated installation ZIP folder from the website, CD or a Memory Stick.

Step 3.   Download software

5. Select the GMPBasic application installer ZIP version below.

Download the latest WHOLE ZIP file to your Download folder. Do NOT try to install it from the internet. Any drop in connectivity which may not necessarily indicate on you signal strength bar could result in the program not installing correctly.

Once the ZIP folder has been downloaded you will need to EXTRACT ALL from the folder.
Normally you must right click on the ZIP Folder which will provide you with an 'Extract ALL' or some similiar instruction.

When this extraxtion is complete you must double click on the ......... file for the program to run and install. You may be prompted to INSTALL and / or your security functions may temporarily block the installation and you may need to select options such as:

More info
Run anyway  etc.

Once the Should your internet connection be too slow, contact support and purchase your very affordable CD / memory stick for installation.

GMPBasic Program Download

An annual support fee has to be paid for the Activation Key.

GMPBasic Click Once Installer ZIP version



For assistance, contact:

083 630 7181
083 643 5456

(If you are a new user you will first need to download the
Steps 1- Step 3)   >>>>>>

(Select Save when prompted and save the download file to your computer)
Thereafter, extract and open / run the setup file


Ensure that you have made a backup after each working session to the server and your local machine






Current users do NOT register another page again. You merely import your last backup file by clicking the description below.

However, first click on the Desktop Icon then

Restore Data from your Backup File will be prompted if a new updated database version needs to re-installed

  GMP Basic  

The registration page will open as below.
Current users DO NOT register their details again.
Your details are within your Backup file.

Now you must click on the Restore Data from your Backup File option. Browse back to where you have saved your Backup File

Click on your backup file and 'Open' and restore your data.

Restore Backup

When this has been completed, a screen will appear asking for your Activation Key. This will be the activation key you will have received from GMP Traceability.

This key is valid for 12 months.
Once you have entered the correct key in the spaces and you have activated it the system will provide your normal Login screen. In this screen you would normally enter your profile's User name & Password.


GMP support

Support and enquiries

Cell +27 83 630 7181

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