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 Why does Ukutula use the GMPBasic traceability system ?

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The world is becoming increasingly aware of unique animal identification. This is in a world with more legal challenges from clients, people in contact with animals and the public in general.
Through using the 'GMP' system, you will be linking into our central World Animal Database.
This means that your animals domestic or 'licensed' wild animals will be 'TRACEABLE', auditable, verifiable.

Each animal in your possesion or ownership should
be UNIQUELY identified. Each animal can be verified, identified by one of a variety of 'identifiers' which can be linked back to your specific animal. 

Lion conservation

Lions kept in captivity or in wild life farms may be managed by using the GMPBasic® system.

GMP believes that through assisting wild life farmers in identifying their animals and placing them on a central data base the illegal trade and ownership of animals may contribute to preserving the natural wild life



 - Software Features -

Register as a user, set up your details
Register your property location.

Register each animal with its MICROCHIP implant.

Microchip implants are used in conjunction with a variety of identifiers in the GMPBasic® animal management and traceability software system


GMPBasic ® Features: 

Animal - unique ID




Calendar Planner


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